What People Are Saying About Rocky Mountain Saw Works

Bob, just got done using the Biggin [tenon saw]. It cuts like a dream, and straighter than I've ever been able to do with any of my other saws. Thanks for the high grade work. – Kevin, MA

The saws arrived just as I was leaving for [work]. I had just enough time to open the package and admire your work. I didn't think you could get better at sharpening, but I think you have. Those things are filthy sharp! I just like looking at the teeth. – Dan, IA

She's [Disston rip saw] beautiful, as usual Bob you've knocked it out of the park. – Jordan, TX

The saw arrived today without any damage from USPS. I tried it out on an oak scrap and she cuts like a dream! – Billy, VA

Bob the saw came today. It’s gorgeous and looks like it’s ready to cut for another century. – Ben, CT

Very impressive, Bob! Clean and professional looking. As nice as [a prominent custom sawmaker]! – Terry, AL

Bob, those saws are spectacular. – Billy, VA

An absolutely STUNNING restoration. Your work is truly inspiring. – Andy, UK

Bob, your attention to historical detail is commendable. What a wonderful restore. – Don, NY

You have some serious skill level there. – Glen, BC

Dear heavens, Bob. Those handles are masterfully made. – Todd, CO

Words failing me – those are BEAUTIFUL!!! – Smitty, IL

Bob, stupendous restore right down to the clocked screws! – Kevin, MA

Words can’t describe the beauty of this saw Bob. – Greg, ON

Wow, that is an amazing looking saw. You hit a home run on that one. – Shane, KS

It’s a humbling experience looking at your work Bob. You’ve set the bar high my friend. Fantastic work. – Andy, UK

One of the prettiest saws I’ve ever seen. – Brian, TX

This saw is SO damn sexy…I need one. ;) Did I mention how sexy it is? – Kevin, NY

That’s an ABSOLUTELY SUPER bit of craftsmanship. You’ve really done yourself proud. – Russell, TN

I’d have a real hard time not gazing upon that handle every time I walked into the shop. Scale of 1-10, it’s a 12 easy. – Chris, CT

That saw is a thing of beauty! Fine craftsmanship. – Greg, IL

My camera does not come close to doing the saw justice. The handle is unbelievable. The overall fit, finish, and sharpening is every bit as good as the [prominent custom sawmaker’s] saws I purchased a few years back. – Andy, IN

I now have eight saws from Bob. Five of them restored. Can't say enough about the quality of his work -- Kevin, MA

The best saw man in North America is Bob Summerfield of Rocky Mountain Saw Works. He restores, sharpens, and also makes his own superior saws for sale. -- Willy, NY

Bob Summerfield (Rocky Mountain Saw Works) is a fantastic saw guy!! His work is outstanding. -- Brent, SK

Incredible work, Bob. You have a skilled hand and eye. -- Will, OH

Masterpieces...absolutely beautiful. -- Rob, IL

Just when we thought you couldn’t get any better you do these [saws]. Well, well done. -- Kevin, MA

I received the saws last night and couldn't be more impressed. Even my wife "ooh'd and ah'd" when she saw them, and that's saying something. You're a master of your trade....Best Christmas present (to myself) ever! Thanks so much. You never let me down. -- Jason, OH

Bob, the saw is beautiful!!  I mean it, unbelievable. I never imagined it looking that good. -- Andy, IL

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