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If you would like to purchase a saw or other tool, or if you have a question, contact me by email at Include your address or zip code in your email so I can give you a shipping estimate. Prices listed below do not include shipping.

You may pay for your purchase by Paypal or by mailing me a money order. My Paypal address is I usually ship the next day after payment is received, and I normally ship by USPS Priority Mail. You should have your order within about 3 business days.

Additional photos are available upon request. Click on any picture for a larger image.

All saws are freshly hand sharpened unless otherwise noted.

I get frequent emails asking if my website is up to date and if the tools listed are still for sale. I do keep my website updated, and if you see a tool listed here, it is for sale unless it perhaps has sold in the last few hours. I have a pretty high turnover of saws, so if you don't see what you want right now please keep checking.

Saws For Sale

Disston D-8 Panel Crosscut -- This is a 22" Disston D-8 skewback panel saw. The plate is filed crosscut at 10 ppi.  The etch is strong. The cherry handle is in great shape and has been refinished. The nickel plated brass hardware is original. It has a Disston USA medallion. Price $70

Disston D-8 Thumbhole Rip -- This Disston D-8 thumbhole saw has a 26" skewback breasted plate filed rip at 5 ppi. The plate has some staining, but no pitting. The etch is strong. The cherry handle has a repaired crack that is stable, and is otherwise in great condition. It has been refinished. The brass screws and medallion are original. Price $85 Note: buy this saw and the panel saw above together and receive a certificate for one free handsaw or backsaw sharpening, value $30.



French Mitre Saws -- Scies à recaler -- These are brand new saws custom made by hand in my shop. I know of no other place in the world where you can buy this type of saw new, and vintage ones are hard to find as well. These new saws are patterned after a genuine antique French saw that I restored in my shop.

The French mitre saw, or scie à recaler in French, is used with a miter jack or flat jack (boite à recaler) to make angled or square cuts for cabinet and furniture making. The flat plate is held against the jack much like a flush-cut saw. I am offering these saws in two sizes.

20" Saw - The saw is 20" long and the plate is 5" wide. Made of 0.028" thick spring steel, the plate is sharpened 13 ppi crosscut. A 2-1/4" wide 0.032" thick spring steel backing plate holds the saw plate against the handle. These are secured to the handle by 12 #5 slotted brass flat head screws. There is a brass eye screw in the end of the handle for hanging just like the originals had. Hanging the saw helps keep it sharp by avoiding banging against other objects. The handle is made from cherry wood with a dark antique stain. It is 2-1/4"W x 2"H x 20"L and contoured to fit the hand. Price $150 SOLD

18" Saw - This saw is identical to the one above, but in a slightly smaller size. The overall length is 18", and the saw plate is 4-1/2" wide. The plate is 0.025" spring steel, while the 2" wide backing plate is 0.032" spring steel. This model has 10 brass screws plus the brass eye screw. The saw is sharpened 13 ppi crosscut. The contoured cherry handle is 2"W x 2"H x 18"L. Price $135 SOLD





Vernon & Co. (WMC) Crosscut with Custom Handle -- Vernon & Co. was a saw brand sold by the respected maker Wheeler, Madden & Clemson. This saw, the No. 10, is listed in their 1871 catalog. I bought the saw plate without a handle and then made a custom handle for it. The 26" plate is hand filed 9 ppi crosscut. It is straight with minimal pitting. The fairly elaborate etch is mostly readable. The new handle is made of highly figured Norway maple. An amber dye helps bring out the grain and the final finish is shellac. The brass screws and sunken Warranted Superior medallion are not original to the saw, but well suited for it. This is a quality saw you will be proud to own, and no one will have one like it. Price $130 SOLD

19th Century Thomas White Saw -- This saw is from a Scottish ship's carpenter tool chest. Unfortunately, the plate is heavily pitted. The plate is faintly stamped Thomas White, Plymouth. White was an ironmonger (hardware dealer) in the British seaport of Plymouth during the 19th century. Whoever made the saws he sold stamped his name on them. The ship's carpenter likely bought the saw directly from White, but the salty sea air eventually took it's toll. Due to the heavy pitting, the saw is better suited as a wall hanger than a user. I've left it unsharpened. The 22" plate is 11 ppi. The London pattern handle is beech. The screws are brass split-nuts. Price: $20.

Saw Handle Blanks
For those who wish to make their own saw or to rehandle an old saw, I am offering saw handle blanks in a variety of hardwood species. These blanks come in two sizes for backsaws and handsaws. For a full listing of the blanks with pictures, follow this link.

Other Tools For Sale 

Scratch Awls
A - Stanley No. 69-122 Price $8
B - Millers Falls No. 270 Price $8

Wood Handled Screwdrivers
A - Mark partially readable. Pretty sure it's Bridgeport. 8" shaft. Price $5   
B - Great Neck. 6" shaft. Price $4
C - Sargent. 4-1/4" shaft. Price $8
D - Bridgeport. 4" shaft. Price $3
E - Unmarked. 2-1/4" shaft. Price $1
F - Unmarked. 3" shaft, brass ferrule. Price $2


North Brothers "Yankee" No. 30A Spiral Ratchet Screwdriver -- 13-1/4" closed, 18-1/2" open. Owner's initials carved in handle. Mechanism works perfectly. Price $15


Berol Giant APSCO Pencil Sharpener -- 6 hole model in good working order. Price $10

Stanley Metal Try Square -- A six inch all-metal Stanley try square. A little minor pitting, but not bad. The numbers and Stanley Rule & Level Co. logo are clear. Price $9.

Mayes TT8-28 Aluminum Level -- A 28" quality level made in Johnson City, TN. All vials are good. One round glass is missing and one is cracked. Price $10.

Schollhorn Leather Punch -- Vintage Schollhorn & Co. Lodi 6-way leather punch. Made in New Haven, Conn. Quality tool with a strong spring. Price $15

Kraeuter No. 27 5/8" Hole Punch -- This 5/8" hole punch has hardly been used. Price $8

Zenith Expansive Bit -- This is a Zenith brand expansive bit sold by the Marshall Wells Hardware Co. It is in good condition. Price $7.

Worth Expansive Bit -- This is a Worth brand expansive bit in good condition. Price $7.

Stanley 1" Bench Chisel -- Marked Stanley Made in USA. Looks like the 750 model but doesn't say 750 on it, so not sure of model. Price $20

Pair of Firmer Chisels -- A pair of long chisels, these are square edge firmers. One is 3/4", the other is 5/8". The 3/4" one has some pitting. Both are marked HICKORY. I could be wrong, but I believe that brand was made by Greenlee. Price $15 for the 3/4", $18 for the 5/8", or $30 for both. 5/8" is SOLD. 3/4" still available.

Norton JM6 Crystolon Medium Sharpening Stone -- This stone measures 11-1/2" x 2-1/2" x 1/2" and is in lightly used good condition. Price $7.

Three Carborundum Sharpening Stones -- Three different sizes of carborundum sharpening stones. Very lightly used (almost new). Price $8.


Craftsman Wet Wheel Sharpener -- Sears Craftsman wet stone sharpener model no. 319.669920. 2-5/8" wide 220 grit wheel runs at slow speed in water tray. Price: $20.

NOS Disston 10" Hacksaw Blades -- This is an unopened pack of 10 new old stock Disston 10" hacksaw blades. Price $9.

Clearance Gauges -- I'm not exactly sure what they were used for, but this is a set of seven clearance gauges in 1/16" increments from 1/8" to 1/2". Shows min and max measurements. Looks like galvanized steel. Price $7

Starrett No. 87 Mercury-filled Plumb Bob -- High quality plumb bob in good condition. Price $40.

Lead-working Ladle -- This looks like it's hand forged. Length is 16". Price $8

Steel-banded Mallet -- The head is 6-1/2" long and 3" diameter. Total length is 16". The faces are not beat up, so I don't think this was used much. Price $20

Adze Head -- Nice adze head with 6-1/8" wide blade. There is a maker's mark that is filled in with blue paint, so I can't read it. Needs a good sharpening. Price $40.

Saw Spiders -- Two shop-made spiders for measuring set on circular and/or 2-man crosscut saws. These are from an old Idaho sawmill sharpening shop. The larger one measures 5" long, the smaller one is 2-1/2" long. They are adjustable. Price $10

Saw Tension Gauges -- I have about 30 of these gauges in different sizes and shapes. A few have Disston or Simonds etches, and all have stamped numbers. These are used in the hammering of large round saws to achieve tension and flatness. If you are interested in some or all of these, contact me and we can talk about what you want and what the price will be.

Wedges -- Here are four old iron wedges. Top one is a splitting wedge. 8-1/2" L. Price $4. Next one is a 2 lb. bucking wedge marked Quikwerk. 7-1/2" L. Nice condition  Price $12. Next is a 3-1/2 lb. bucking or falling wedge with a brand mark that I can't read. This one is a bit rough. 8" L. Price $6. At the bottom is a large falling wedge measuring 12-1/2" L. It is marked 5 for 5 lbs. No name. Price Note: Second one from top and large one on the bottom are sold.

Vintage Oil Cans -- A selection of vintage oil cans. The pump isn't working on the one on the right side. Price $5 each or $15 for all four.

Oilers -- Group of 8 machinery oilers. Price $15

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