Restored Saws - old

This gallery displays some of my favorite saw restorations. This is by no means an exhaustive list. For many of the saws, I've added a "before" picture to show just how dramatic some restorations can be. Visit the "Saws For Sale" tab to see vintage saws currently for sale. For information on ordering new custom saws, click on the "Our Services" tab.

Click on any saw for a larger picture.

Disston No. 9 30" Rip & Matching 26" Crosscut
Disston No. 9 "Before"

Early 1840's Disston Double Eagle Backsaw

1840's Disston "Before"

C. 1850 Joseph Flint Brass Backsaw

Joseph Flint "Before"

1865 Disston No. 7 Panel Saw

1865 Disston "Before"

19th Century Josiah Bakewell

Bakewell "Before"

Late 1800's Woodrough & McPariln

Harvey Peace P47

Harvey Peace "Before"

19th Century Drabble & Sanderson

Drabble & Sanderson "Before"

Richard Groves & Sons 14" Backsaw

Richard Groves & Sons 16" Backsaw
Groves 16" "Before"

J. Taylor & Son Rip
J. Taylor Rip "Before"

J. Taylor & Son Crosscut

Taylor Brothers Rip

W. Tyzack, Sons & Turner
Tyzack "Before"

Robert Sorby

Large & Small Spear & Jackson
Large S&J "Before"

Wheatman & Smith Panel

c.1900 Charles Gray & Sons

Charles Gray "before"

J. Taylor & Son

J. Taylow & Son "before"
1850's Disston No. 9
Disston No. 9 "before"

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