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November 15, 2019 -- Due to an unusually heavy workload of saw restorations, I am suspending taking on additional saw work for a period of time. I estimate this time to be about 3 months. I will remove this notice once I begin accepting work again. Please check back periodically.

Update February 18, 2020 -- Just as I was about caught up, I received a shipment of 46 saws for restoration. That's going to take a long while to process. If you have a saw that you really need worked on, go ahead and send it and I'll try to work it in. The wait time may not be short. If you can wait until next Fall to send it, that would be better. As Spring and then Summer approach, other commitments will leave me less time for saws.

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Saw Restoration and Repair 

Each saw restoration or repair job is considered on its own merits, and a price quote will be given upon request. If you have a work request, please contact me by email at rmsaws@gmail.com. Pictures are helpful.

Services offered include:
  • Complete restoration packages
  • Plate replacement
  • Plate de-rusting, cleaning, polishing
  • Plate straightening, dent or kink removal
  • Plate retoothing
  • Backsaw spine adjustment, straightening, reinstallation, polishing, bluing
  • Handle repairs, refinishing, new handles
  • Screw/nut replacement

Saw Sharpening and Maintenance

Note: If you are sending me a saw that I have previously sharpened, and no one has sharpened it since, I will discount the prices shown below for that saw by 15%.

1. Sharpening (includes jointing and setting*)
  • under 12" = $20
  • 12" - 16" = $25
  • over 16" = $30

  • under 24" = $25
  • 24" or longer and  over 6 ppi = $30
  • 24" or longer and 6 ppi or less - $35

....Miterbox saws:
  • under 20" = $35
  • 20" and longer = $40

2. Tooth Reshaping: $10 - $30. Many (perhaps most) old saws require some amount of tooth reshaping due to previous improper sharpening. After reshaping, the saw will still need sharpening.

3. Retoothing by machine: $20. When the teeth get bad enough, it may be more cost effective to cut new teeth than reshape the old ones. After retoothing, the saw will still need sharpening.

*On occasion, one or more teeth may break while setting an old plate that is brittle. While every precaution is taken to avoid this, I cannot be held responsible if it does happen.

Please contact me by email at rmsaws@gmail.com for your saw sharpening needs.



  1. Hi Bob,
    I have an old Colver Bros. tenon saw that is 10" and 16 tpi. I have sharpened and reset the teeth, but many of them are now nearly gone, so I believe the plate needs to be retoothed. Are you still doing retoothing? I presume so from your "Our Services" page. If so, is the following address correct for me to send it?

    Bob Summerfield
    8250 Lazy H Trail
    Missoula, MT 59808

    Rick Russo

  2. Hi Rick,
    Yes, still doing saw work, and that is the correct address. I'm away from home for the next couple of weeks, but I can get to it once I return. Thanks.

  3. Hey Bob just found your webb sight just wanted to know if you're still taking in used saw for sharpening reshaping teeth.