New Saws

This gallery displays saws that I've made, as opposed to vintage saws that I've restored. The saws are shown with the most recent saws first. Visit the "Saws For Sale" tab to see restored vintage saws currently for sale

***Please note that as of January, 2017 I am no longer taking orders for new custom saws. See this link for further information.*** 

The Black Swan Kerfing Plane (Mar 2018)
Though a kerfing plane may look a lot like a plough plane, it is really not a plane at all. It is a type of saw used to create a kerf around the perimeter of a board to serve as a guide for resawing with a handsaw. This kerfing plane is my own design. It is made from American black walnut.

Carcase Saws (Feb 2018)
This pair of 12" carcase saws was made for the two sets of matching heirloom saws I'm working on. They have figured walnut handles.

Tiny Dovetail Saw (Jan 2018)
I made this tiny little dovetail saw just for the fun of it. It is fully functional, but is really intended more as a conversation piece. It is a 0.60 scale replica of a Groves & Sons 10" dovetail saw, except that it has a Brazilian rosewood handle rather than the original beech.

Large Rip Saw (Mar 2017)
This beast of a saw has a 28" plate filed 6 ppi rip. The handle is figured walnut. It was made for Brian in Pennsylvania.


Sash Saw (Feb 2017)
This 14" sash saw sports a leopardwood handle. It was made for Don in New York.

Table Saws (Jan 2017) 
This is a pair of 14" table saws. The apple handled saw on the left was made for Katie in the UK. The walnut handled saw on the right went to Bill in Michigan.

Panel Saws (Dec 2016)
This is a matching pair of 22" panel saws made for Alberto in Puerto Rico.  One is filed rip, the other crosscut. The handles are figured American black walnut.

Tenon Saw (Dec 2016)
This 16"  tenon saw was made for Douglas in Illinois. It has a figured black walnut handle and custom etching on the spine.

Tenon Saw (Nov 2016)
This is a 14" tenon saw that was made for John in NSW, Australia. It has a canted plate (3.5" at heel, 3.0" at toe) and an American black walnut handle.

Sash Saw (Nov 2016)
This 14" sash saw was custom made for Robert in Pennsylvania. It has a figured walnut handle and custom laser etching on the brass spine and screws.


Table Saw (Oct 2016)
Another table saw, this one was made for Shane of Missouri. It has a `4" blade and the handle is figured walnut.

Dovetail Saw (Apr 2016)
This 10" dovetail saw has an antique stained pecan handle. It was custom made for Marc in CO.

Table Saw (Apr 2016)
This is the second table saw made for Bill Stephenson of NJ. It has a figured American walnut handle and the 14" plate is filed crosscut.

Table Saw (Feb 2016)
This 14" table saw has a quarter sawn sycamore handle and hybrid filing. It was made for Bill Stephenson of NJ.

Dovetail Saws (Feb 2016)
This pair of 10" dovetail saws was made as part of two sets of matching saws I'm working on. They have open figured walnut handles.

Sash Saw (Feb 2016)
This is a 14" sash saw with figured walnut handle. It was custom made for Andrew in Louisiana. 

Table Saw (Jan 2016)
Here's another table saw, this one made for Tim in Illinois. It has a 14" blade and the handle is cherry.

Custom Backsaw Pair (Dec 2015)
Here are a pair of custom backsaws made for Dan of Iowa. The smaller saw is a 12" carcass saw, and the larger one is a 16" tenon saw. The saws have matching cocobolo handles.

Table Saw (Dec 2015)
These table saws have proven to be a popular item. This saw is 14" long with a figured black walnut handle. It was custom made for Andy in Indiana.

Table Saw (Nov 2015)
Here is yet another table saw. This one is 12" long with figured black walnut handle. It was custom made for Greg in Illinois.

Table Saws (April 2015)
Here are two more table saws like the one below, but these have figured American black walnut handles. These will be part of the two matching sets of saws that I'm building.

Table Saw (Mar 2015)
Saws of this design were traditionally called table saws, apparently because their narrow plates made them useful for sawing out round table tops. Perhaps bench saw would be a better name, because this is a handy little saw to keep near the bench for those quick utility cuts. This saw was custom made for Smitty in IL. It has a pecan handle that has been color shaded to look old. The 0.028" thick 14" plate is filed with 11 ppi in a hybrid pattern (10 degrees rake and 12 degrees fleam) to make either crosscut or rip cuts.

Gent's Saw (Mar 2015)
Custom made for Dan of Iowa. This saw has an oversized cocobolo handle to fit Dan's large hands.

Gent's Saw (Feb 2015)
This saw was custom made for Alan in Texas. It is similar in design to the saw above, but with American walnut handle.

Gent's Saws (Jan 2015)
These are the first saws I made from scratch with no re-purposed components. The plates are 8" long and 0.015" thick, with 2" under spine. They are filed 16 ppi rip, and are the first saws containing my etched logo on the plates. The handmade brass spines are 1/2" wide. The handles are figured American black walnut. These will be part of two matching sets of saws that I'm building.

Brass Halfback Saw (Oct 2014)
I made this saw for the 2014 Saw Swap. It is now owned by Norm in Maine. The plate is re-purposed from a handsaw plate. The handle is West Indian satinwood. The screws and back are handmade from brass. This is the first saw on which I installed a laser etched back. This saw was patterned somewhat after the Disston No. 8 halfback (pictured), with some obvious modifications.

Smith's Key Reproduction Panel Saw (Apr 2014)

This saw is a reproduction of what is labeled a gentleman's saw in Smith's Key, but today we would call it a panel saw. It is owned by Dana in Maryland. The plate is made from a re-purposed handsaw. It is 22" long and filed rip at 7 ppi. I applied a gun blue finish to the plate. The handle is figured West Indian satinwood. The two brass split nut screws are hand made. The third picture is the Smith's Key drawing that the saw is patterned after.


  1. Beautiful, it is great to see more saw makers coming up. Love your saws.

  2. Bob, great work. I just posted your site on a FaceBook saw fan page and it is getting a lot of likes. Willy from London Joiners:

    1. Thanks Willy. That's quite a compliment you posted on Facebook. I appreciate it very much.


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