Saturday, February 23, 2019

Vernon & Co. Handsaw

Most American sawmakers sold their saws under a variety of brand names. Wheeler, Madden & Clemson was no exception. Their 1871 catalog lists saws branded You Bet, Vernon & Co., Speir & Co., and L. Wheeler in addition to their main Wheeler, Madden & Clemson line. I acquired a Vernon & Co. No. 10 saw plate several months back that had no handle. The picture of this saw in the catalog shows it to have a steel side plate on the handle.

I'm not a huge fan of steel side plates, and since this is not a valuable collector saw, I decided to make a new handle more to my liking. I used some of the figured Norway maple that was cut on my sawmill, and I enhanced the grain with amber dye. The results are pretty stunning.

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