Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Just Some Old Weathered Boards

You may have noticed that I use some old weathered boards for the background in most of my saw pictures. These aren't just any old boards though. These boards are wormy American chestnut, and they came from my maternal grandparent's house in Meadow Bridge, West Virginia. The house was on piers, and these boards served as part of the skirting to keep the cold winds from blowing under the house. As a small child, I watched my Dad pull these boards off the house in the 1950's. He was a wood hoarder extraordinaire, and he kept the boards tucked away in his shop down through the years. The boards became mine upon his death 19 years ago.

My grandparents at their home in Meadow Bridge
My maternal grandfather was a lumberman, working at sawmills his whole life. Meadow River Lumber Company, at one time the largest hardwood lumber mill in the world, was not far from his home in Meadow Bridge. So using these old boards in my pictures has special meaning for me. It may sound silly, but I somehow feel it involves my grandparents and my Dad in my work. I'm sure it would make them happy.

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